Book Update and Looking for a Subtitle - Worship Matters
This past Tuesday morning I sent a semi-finished version of the book I’m writing to my editor. It’s funny how you can work on something for over a year and a half and still end up making a major push at the end. Part of the explanation is that last week my good friend C.J. Mahaney spent two days with me going over every word. His comments, thoughts, and insights were invaluable, but resulted in some more work. At this point, Crossway has the manuscript and will be getting an edited copy back to me in a month or two. In the mean time I’ll have a few friends review the manuscript again. It’s great to be able to write a book in committee. There’s no question that this book will be more effective, biblical, and readable as a result of the thoughts I’ve received from others. Thanks for your prayers, if you’ve been praying. Tentatively the book will be out next April, and will be called Worship Matters. I’m still looking for a subtitle and wanted to invite you into the process. These are some I’m considering: Take-Home Theology for Leading Worship What Matters Most Leading Others in Your Greatest Passion A Practical Theology for Worship Leaders Leading Others in Worshiping God Leading Others to God’s Glory Keeping in mind that my target audience is a twenty-something worship leader, that the content is both theological and practical, and that the subtitle should be engaging, I’d be interested in your opinion on the subtitle. Any of these you like? Any you’d suggest? If you’re the first to suggest a new one and I end up using it, I’ll get you some kind of gift. And it will be more than a free copy of my book. UPDATE: Thanks for all your thoughts! I’ve finally settled on a subtitle. You can find out the final decision here.