An Investor Answers: "Should I Buy a House for Myself or Purchase an Investment Property? | WMA Property
"I've got some nice savings stashed up neatly in the bank, so should I use that money to go buy a new house for myself or should I go out to find an investment property?" This, ladies and gentlemen, has got to be one of the most common questions in real estate investing history. "Well?" you ask, clearly waiting for the answer. Well, I am here to tell you that the answer is never going to be a crystal clear one. However, I will offer my point of view on the matter. While I am a firm believer of Robert Kiyosaki and fully agree with his theory that owning a property for the sole purpose of investing is the only way you can turn a house from a liability to an asset, for those of you who are still a little undecided on the matter, I am definitely going to explore this a bit more. Please keep in mind that I am definitely not trying to indicate that purchasing a home for your own personal use is a terrible investment, the likelihood of you being able to purchase a property at the right time,