Turn OFF your Cell Phone | Wild Wild Basch
I consider cell phones to be one of the greatest technologies ever invented by men, but at the same time I consider it to be a relationship destroyer as it will steal our time and turn us into robots who go out for dinner with friends and stare at our devices the whole evening. Nowadays you've got the best of technology on your hand, a gadget that will be way more than just a way to reach other people through messages or phone calls, you've got facebook, youtube, email, camera and a lot more just a click away. I've got a nice mobile phone and I like to use it many times during the day, at home, at work and everytime I visit other places, I will make good use of it as a camera... but, what if it just vanished and you decided to have some freedom, instead of a device that will keep you busy? Although some people of my family and group of friends consider it a bad action, I like to turn off my cell phone once in a while, and enjoy some free time alone or with my girlfriend. Their excuse