ReFa CAXA Ray RF-RC2316B 
Beauty Collaboration WHITETREE x ReFa We are offering Special Bundle for beauties! You can get ReFa products for up to 50%OFF with WHITETREE Detox blend for free!(Medium size/ $25) Only once this offer! Don’t miss this chance! ReFa CAXA RayRF-RC2316B With its combination of micro-rollers and CAXA lines designed to scoop and knead your face, neck and décolletage from every angle, this waterproof, platinum-coated contouring tool helps visibly reduce puffiness and distortion of the SMAS fascia for sharper-looking features. For use on the cheeks, forehead, jawline, neck and décolletage. (日本語) 目指したのは、 シャープな曲線美。 救いあげてつまみ流す、美しさの新習慣・リリーフリフト 目指したのは、美しくシャープな曲線美。肌にグイっと深く入り込み、「救すくい上げる」「つまみ流す」動きで、筋膜にアプローチします。 ReFa CAXA RAYが提案する新しい美容メソッド、リリースリフトで、あなたらしく上向く美しさを。 THE DETOX BLEND for Improvement