NYS Armed Guard Classes | Westside Rifle & Pistol Range
In order to work as an armed guard in New York State, you will need to take an approved NYS Forty-Seven (47) hour firearms course. We conduct this course either on a series of weekdays or on a series of Saturdays. Once you have the armed guard license you will need to take BOTH an Eight Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Armed Guards and an 8hr Annual In-Service Training Course for Unarmed Guards each year. For more information about armed training, please call us at (212) 929-7287 NYS FORTY-SEVEN HOUR FIREARMS COURSE PREREQUISITES PURSUANT TO NEW YORK STATE LAW AND THE RULES OF THE NEW YORK STATE DIVISION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SERVICES Important: In order to take the 47 hour firearms course, you will first need to possess the following: A valid unarmed New York State Security guard license. A valid New York City Pistol Permit. A duty-type weapon with a caliber of 9mm or higher