How the World is Made - Western Geomancy
I've just finished reading one of the most beautiful books I've ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands - John Michell's final work (with Allan Brown), How the World is Made - The Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry. Everything about it screams quality; the proportions, the paper, the typeface, the layout, the content, and of course the 300+ beautiful watercolours of John's sacred geometry illustrations, brought to rich, vibrant life on the page. To open the book is to step into a world of wonder and enlightenment, where every turn of the page reveals another gem to treasure or another profound Truth to enrich the soul. It reminds me somewhat of a cherished children's story book with pictures - though the content is anything but childish. It's a book you should definitely buy in hardback as you're going to want to keep this one on the bookshelf and take it out frequently just to look at or to show it to friends, rather like a favourite ornament or piece of jewellery that you want to show off. It's a wonderful legacy for John to have left us.