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How We Use Internet Nowadays internet is the mainstream of our lifestyle we mostly depend on the internet for any of our work, either doing business, creating a business identity or entertainment, the internet is the connection between everything we do. So today we are so much dependent on the internet that we do not think about our privacy and security when it comes to connect on the internet and do our tasks. But the internet is full of hackers who want to grab our information and use it for evil. So it is very important that we take steps to protect our data and security online. What is VPN (Virtual Private Network) A virtual private network is a way to protect you and your data over the internet the VPN is a network connection created within your connected network, i.e. Within the internet connection, you are using. How VPN protects you As mentioned above VPN is a connection created within your connection that you are using may be internet or intranet and the VPN uses
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