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In the previous tutorial we discussed various techniques for on page SEO and different elements we need to configure for on page SEO, also we learned about WordPress SEO with help of plugin "All in One SEO Pack". In this tutorial, we will learn to submit our website on google and adding the sitemap. So let us start. If you have missed the previous SEO tutorials, here are the links SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Making a Website SEO friendly SEO for WordPress – WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners What is Sitemap? Sitemap is an XML file which contains information about the web pages of your website in a structural manner, sitemaps are used by search engines to crawl your website. The sitemap contains following information about a web page Location: Web URL of your page. Last Modified: The date when a page was last modified. Change Frequency: The frequency on which page can likely change. Priority: Priority of this URL against other URLs, values from 0.0 to 1.0. Generating XML Sitemap And
Gourab Varma