Designing and Following Your Perfect Week (Download) | WBNL Coaching
Where and how are you spending most of your time each day? In this business coaching tip, we share how to use time-blocking to design and then follow a perfect week. Get instant access to our free download below... Agent Perfect Week Template in Excel format.  The power of time-blocking The primary goal with time-blocking is to carve out blocks of time to commit to the most important activities in your day and week. Schedule your personal time First ...(morning ritual, workouts, days off) Next plug-in time blocks for Incoming Producing Activities (proactive lead generation, calls, texts, client follow-up , client appointments, etc.) Then fill-in your weekly calendar with all of the Support Activities (admin, paperwork, training, meetings, appt prep, research, content creation) Of course, the trick is sticking to your commitments and not allowing interruptions, distractions or something else deter you from doing the activity you have scheduled. Remember, if you erase, you must