Budget Travels in the Philippines – Lambug Beach | Way of Lives
Relaxation is essential in our life. We have to de stress and relax once in a while for us not to be burnt out in our job or whatever activities and endeavor we are in. We need to unwind to relieve ourselves of the normative pressures, a reset to stay focused, efficient and productive. There are lots of ways to relax; some would prefer to go to a club and have a shot or two, some watch movies; others prefer to connect with nature – like mountain climbing or sun bathing in a beach. This article is a narrative of one of my budget travels in the Philippines. Where did I go last weekend to unwind? Lambug Beach is a stretch of white sands. There are lots of cottages for rent along the beach. You may also bring your tent and save some cash for overnight stays. Cottage rent would range from 2000pesos to 3500pesos (approximately $39 to $68; US dollars) There are also tents for rent. For the food, there are lots of options – You may bring your own food; like canned goods or any ready to eat