Budget Travels in the Philippines – Kawasan Falls | Way of Lives
Kawasan Falls is another eye catcher of Badian. It made my nature escapade last weekend complete. If you want to experience giant showers and immerse with nature while relaxing and unwinding; then, Kawasan Falls is the place to go! The water is so cold- that it would make your brain freeze and let you forget all the worries that cause you stress. You can also have your body massaged by the falling water and it is so refreshing and relaxing. The sound of the waterfalls is like a song with a perfect rhythm and tune; hypnotizing you to close your eyes and float in the wilderness of your dreams. What a truly relaxing and soothing feeling! Here is one of the "Budget Travels in the Philippines" that I have experienced. Where is it located? Kawasan Falls is located in a small town called Matutinao of Badian; in the Southern part of Cebu province, Philippines. It is 111.4 kilometres away from Cebu City and 14.2 Kilometers away from Lambug Beach. How to reach Kawasan Falls? There are