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What are Posture Correctors? Posture Corrector Bra is beneficial to women in many ways. Back, neck or shoulder pains are experienced after a long day of work because of bad posture. Having correct posture is very important whether standing, sitting, walking, running or working out. It can help you work efficiently and effectively while reducing the chances of pain or injury. As for women, correct posture is even more important as women have to support the weight of their bust that may cause more stress on the neck, spine, shoulders and back. Wearing a posture corrector bra is an ideal way in relieving stress in the neck, back and spine. These bras are designed in a way that stress will be taken off your neck and shoulders and helps you retrain your muscles to stay in the more natural and healthy position. Below are The Best Posture Corrector - Leonisa Best Sellers Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Cami Bra Price: $50.00 US dollar Sizes: 34B – 38C Colors: 1 Color (Nude) Fabric