20 Minute Nap Benefits – A natural Power Kick | Way of Lives
How does a 20 minute nap benefits us? Come to think of this, you have just completed half of your work shift and took your lunch break. After a while, you are already set for the second half- suddenly, you experienced an overwhelming sleepiness. You asked yourself, what could go wrong? Well, what you are experiencing is called, Dip in alertness/Post lunch dip It is a feeling of overwhelming sleepiness that usually occurs during mid afternoon whether you have taken your lunch or not, between 1pm to 4pm. At this time, your body decreases its temperature adversely affecting alertness. Understanding the causes The shortage of energy in the afternoon may be attributed to poor sleeping habits, sleep disorder or health condition. There are also some medical conditions which may cause daytime fatigue and drowsiness like sleep apnea – which is attributed to excess weight and obesity, another is narcolepsy – a chronic disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness of a