GDPR is coming – is your website Privacy Policy up-to-date?
As of May 25th, your privacy policy will need to be updated to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and we have teamed up with Legalo, the online legal resource, to help you stay web legal. The new legislation will give greater fines and penalties to businesses that misuse a person's information, as well are granting new rights to the people you hold information about. A key part of the GDPR is the increased provision of information to data subjects. The legislation sets out very specific requirements for what information must be communicated to individuals within the privacy policy. As a result, privacy policies must be updated to comply with the new data protection rules and your privacy policy must be clear, concise and legible. To read more details on the GDPR changes and new rights visit: . To make the process of updating your privacy policy simple, we have teamed up with Legalo (www.legalo.co.uk)