Tips To Maintaining Curly Crochets | WarriUpdate
By Eloho Roland-Udoh Where are all my crochet lovers that slay effortlessly? Gather here quickly as we have village meeting. So you love crochets for a whole lot of benefits but maintaining it has always been a challenge. Relax, girl! I have some quick tips to share on how to maintain curly crochets! TIP 1: Minimise manipulation throughout the day. Sis, kindly KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR HAIR! TIP 2: Lightly separate and detangle strands NIGHTLY and trim away frizzy and fray ends. TIP 3: Spray with water and apply a small amount of aerosol and alcohol free curling mousses as needed. TIP 4: Use the pineapple method to protect your curls at bedtime. How does this method work? Pull your hair into a loosely banded high ponytail, tie a satin scarf around your head and cover the top with a satin bonnet. TIP 5: Nourish your scalp with natural oils TIP 6: See your stylist in 3 weeks for an in-depth maintenance that includes shampoo and touch up. So you have it. Way to keep your curly crochets