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Galveston’s Best Spas Scenario: You’ve worked back to back 10 hour days at your new job for the better part of two months. Each day, you come home utterly spent, now intimately familiar with your living room couch because that’s what you pass out on every night. Blogging is a joy of the past, research is foreign, and you can’t remember the last time you ate a real meal. You even forgot to adult and pay a bill! Still, you find the energy to get up the next day and repeat the performance. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a working definition of overworked and completely exhausted. What’s a girl to do? Quit your job. Okay that’s an option, but let’s pretend you really enjoy your paycheck. And your job, despite the long hours. Work fewer hours. Also a logical option. But let’s pretend you don’t have that luxury…because you don’t. Fly to Galveston Texas. THAT’S IT! Lol. That’s the option I chose, anyway. And I thank myself everyday. In fact, I’m still upset because I didn’t sign a deed to a new home and move there. But, I bet you’re thinking, Galveston? Really? Let me counter your skepticism with an emphatic, YES. Beautiful beaches, fantastic food, and the iconic Pleasure Pier, Galveston showed up and showed out for me. Perfect getaway after two months of backbreaking torture. Now when you think of Texas, Galveston probably doesn’t register. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio–those are your major cities. And I seriously considered each one. But something about the island of Galveston struck me. Something about those soothing waters called to me. Beaches in January just felt like destiny… (especially after my disaster in Florida). So I booked my ticket and headed for the state where everything is BIGGER. Now, getting to Galveston? That was a treat…flew into Chicago, layover…flew into San Antonio…ran for my life to grab my last plane. Then flew all of ten minutes (more like 30) into Houston Hobby. And still had to drive about 45 minutes to Galveston. All in all, about 12 hours of travel. Oh, but the hours in the air and on the road were worth it when I arrived. Almost like the island smiled when I pulled up. Smiled and said, “welcome…” But you clicked on this link to hear about relaxation, massages, spas… I’m highlighting two from my January trip. I promise you can’t go wrong with either location. 1. Moody Gardens Hotel and Spa I chose the hotel because I found an amazing deal on the room (I tend to book government rate at all times) and the “front yard” looked exciting. The hotel has the perfect viewing of Moody Gardens Amusement park and the colorful pyramids that house the aquariums. Although I went when cold (a chilly 50 degree high), the backdrop was beautiful, waters on the horizon. Sunsets just dazed me and sunrises rejuvenated me. I honestly had no intension of utilizing the spa. Just wanted the housing. But I scanned through their packages out of curiosity. The spa highlights some of the crowd favorites: massages, facials, nail treatment, and even body wraps. They have packages for brides, expectant mothers, and lovely-dovey couples looking to relax in sync. But one treatment stuck out and wouldn’t stop calling my name… Hydrotherapy. …now… if you’ve never experienced the bliss that is 147 hot jets of water massaging your aching body from head to toe, allow me to introduce you to the BEST massage ever. I naively thought the hydrotherapy would feel like a Jacuzzi tub. Nice, relaxing, warm. But this twenty minutes of oh-em-gee packed more punch than a Jacuzzi will ever toss. The jets are smaller, stronger, and greater in number. Imagine small streams of pressurized water hitting each inch of your body in just the right rhythm of yes. picture this… You climb into your tub, sitting upright at first, unsure but curious. Then the water starts… First the lower body, water tickling your feet, licking up your calves, slowly massaging your thighs. You think, this is nice… Then, just as you feel comfortable, the jets shift, the pressure moving against your hips, your waist, your arms. A little stronger this time. And each new pressure pulls a new sensation from inside you. Your eyes close, you lie back against the cool towel at the base of your neck… And you begin to drift… Then the jets shift again, pushing at your shoulders, your back, your neck…but still teasing at the base of your spine, your hips. The combination of touches forces your eyes open, then you close them again. You don’t just drift, you lose yourself in the sensation of water, of touch… And then dance starts again… ::PAUSE:: If this sounds suggestive, it should. It felt suggestive. Honestly, that shocked me most. Because I did not expect that. I expected a nice, warm massage. What I got was ecstasy. Even after the water calmed, I just lay in the tub for a few moments, enjoying the after. Moody offers different scents to lie in, but I chose the coconut milk. My skin felt soft and smooth when I climbed out. Definitely a high rank of Galveston’s best spas for this package alone. And yes, for couples, you can climb in and experience this together. 2. Hotel Galvez and Spa I chose this spa for the location, the history. This beautiful luxury hotel known as “Queen of the Gulf” first opened in 1911. Oh, and the website does not do justice to just how close to the water this hotel sits. You have a front row seat to beautiful gulf waters, sun gleaming against its reflection. The sigh alone relaxed me. The inside was breathtaking, a true testament to the luxury it promised. Truthfully, I walked through wondering why I didn’t choose to stay here. Next time, though, next time… The spa is housed downstairs and, like Moody before it, features fan favorites. I decided to go with a standard massage. Normally I’m a fan of hot stones, but the Texas Ruby caught my attention. Something about the fragrant oils and scent of grapefruit. I would highly recommend this massage if you go. I love the dim lights of a massage room, the soft music. You step inside a dream, falling into the promise of pure comfort. My therapist started with my shoulders, my neck. And she lingered on both before moving to my back. The sweetest thing about a good massage is that pressure against your muscle, intense in certain places. Almost too much at times…then the release. Your muscles damn near sigh when the hands soften and then glide over your skin. Don’t worry, the therapist showed love to my arms, hands, and fingers. And don’t forget the legs, the feet. Funny thing, a foot massage has the amazing ability to spread throughout your entire body. The therapist touches the ball of your foot and you feel it in your thigh. Touches the curve of your arch and your shoulder twitches. Still remains my absolute favorite massage. After 50 minutes, your body lives in a lala land you’re too content to name. You’re more than little disappointed that the dream is ending, reality creeping back into your consciousness. But you feel so good, you mentally promise to come back, already coming up with a budget that gets you back into paradise… Bonus! Sunset on Pleasure Pier I said a side of pleasure! So after my body felt all smooth and loose, I stepped away from Galveston’s best spas for a tour of Pleasure Pier. I think I have a new fascination with amusement parks on piers. Chicago’s Navy pier was my first experience and now Galveston. Believe it not, I experienced just as much relaxation here as I did in streaming jets and aromatic massages. Mostly from the sight of the sunset against the pier, the sound of the water lapping against the shore. This was my last night on my weekend of relaxation. I will admit that I didn’t want to leave. Amidst the sounds of laughter and thrilled screams, I felt peaceful as I watched the orange glow slowly sink into the horizon. I felt the familiar ache near my heart when I watch ocean caress against shoreline, like the water calls to me. I didn’t come to the Pier to ride or even to eat. I honestly thought I came just to say I’d been there. But I came for the sunset. Been back for nearly two months and I’m still pining for Galveston… Have you ever been to Galveston? Gone to any of the spas? What did I miss? After a year travelling across the country, I learned a lot! Find out what Galveston taught me, here… Did you enjoy the post? PIN IT!