In Search of the Perfect Donut | Sweet Treats in Galveston, Texas
“People think the key to a good donut is the hand rolling or the yeast; they’re full of it…” _Charlie, Scandal. Season 2 Episode 21 Best Sweet Treats in Galveston? I did not arrive knowing I wanted to write about sweet treats in Galveston. Actually, I arrived on the beautiful island off the coast of Texas believe I would write about three different restaurants. One for breakfast, another for lunch, and a final one for dinner. Something I noticed almost instantly in Galveston? She has a lot of donut shops. Actually, she has a lot of sweet treats and bakeries period. I’m still surprised by the number of local shops I visited exclusively catering to the sweet circle of goodness and hope. Which then changed my intentions entirely… I’m a fan of sweet treats everywhere I go. You all know I specialize in cheat meals. But, I recently realized that I’ve actually tried a donut in several states I’ve visited. Long’s Bakery in Indy. Glazed in Charleston. Beignets are totally the donut of NOLA. La Segunda Bakery in Tampa. And most recently? Donut Bar in San Diego–totally recommend by the way. Apparently, I like donuts. Huh. I always thought cookies were my true love… But who has the best sweet treats in Galveston? Who sells the perfect donut on the island? Sunflower Bakery This small, local bakery is the only location I planned to visit before arriving in Galveston. The bakery sells more than delectable sweet treats. I went for breakfast and had an amazing shrimp omelet. So I definitely recommend this place for early morning satisfaction. But, what she’s known for? Cinnamon rolls. Big fat rolls of cinnamon sugar and sin baked into a heavenly package. I could smell them as I approached the bakery. So yes, I made sure I didn’t leave without the warmth from a fresh roll. Verdict? Good. Especially when warm. Better than Cinabon, actually. But, not the best I’ve ever had. Still, don’t miss this when you visit! 512 14th St, Galveston, TX 77550 Dawn Donuts Bright. Beautiful. And definitely colorful. Dawn Donuts is loud laughter and child-like innocence when you walk in. Probably because their donuts look so fun. They too sell more than just donuts. In fact, they are known for their kolaches–Czech in origin. Kolaches are pastries holding (typically) fruit filling inside dough. Though they can also have meat–several places in Galveston sell breakfast kolaches with meat. Verdict? I’d never had a kolache before–they are very good! But I’m not always a fan of fruit filling. Oh, make sure you head there early–they open at 4 in the morning and close right after lunch! 6302 Stewart Rd, Galveston, TX 77551 Home Cut Donuts In my weekend in Galveston, I must have passed by this location ten times…not knowing home-grown sweet treats lay inside. But I didn’t remain ignorant. Home Cut isn’t unique to Galveston (originating in Illinois actually), but there are several locations in Texas. The theme stays current–Home Cut offers small breakfast items as well. Sausage biscuits, croissants, other pastries. However, I sampled their signature donut: home cut. I also tried Buttermilk and a cinnamon twist. Verdict? Home Cut is very good! Simple, not even overly sweet. Cake, not yeast. Reminded me of a typical old-fashioned, but…different, Better. Buttermilk is thick and rich. Very good as well, sweet–would probably pair well with milk. Cinnamon twist was also good, but similar to others I’ve had. 6807 Stewart Rd, Galveston, TX 77551 PattyCakes Bakery Found this charming location while walking around the city. Owned by, yes, a lovely woman named Patty. Two women run the shop and concoct the beautiful array of sweet treats including cookies, cupcakes, croissants, muffins, and more. I tried cupcakes–strawberry and cookies and cream. They had several different flavors to choose from, so many I was sad to only choose two. Verdict? Good, simple, sweet. Not too moist, not too dry, not too sweet. Also, stop by Mosquito Café right down the street… 704 14th St, Galveston, TX 77550 Donut Palace What I love most about these shops? They are all tiny, almost inconspicuous places that remind me more of truck stops than bakeries. Donut Palace fits right into the formula. And, like Dawn Donuts earlier, has similar, early morning hours. I stayed simple and tried their glazed donut–fresh and warm. Yeast, not cake. Verdict? Fresh and warm donuts are always best. To finish the opening quotation from Scandal, Charlie added: “It’s simple. These suckers start dying the second they’re out of the fryer; you just gotta get to ’em while they’re hot.” They are also sweet, a bit too sweet for my tastes, but still good. 2117 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston, TX 77550 Shipley’s Donuts While taking photos of this place, a man came out and asked me what I was doing. It happens, far often than people would think. Even in today’s world of social media–everyone snapchatting or instagraming I liked the simplicity of this place on the inside, the diner atmosphere. Again, I kept it simple–glazed only. Although their twists and powdered donuts looked amazing. Verdict? Very good! Reminded me of the donuts at Long’s Bakery in Indy. Shipley’s are light–yeast obviously, not thick or cake baked. 5401 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston, TX 77551 And the winner is… Home Cuts! Why? Because of its simplicity. From the moment I bit into this savory treat, I melted. I closed my eyes and enjoyed each second the flavors moved along my tongue. Dramatic? Yes. But I literally sat in my car and just slowly sampled this donut. I as surprised by the taste. But I knew from the first moment I liked it best. Best sweet treats in Galveston? Donuts. lol, at least, I like to think so. Perfect Donut on the island? Home Cuts. Hands Down. Glazes are the sweetest décor. Frosting and sprinkles dress the donut up for a night on the town. Powdered provides an instant kick of flavor. Jelly filled all but drowns you in it. But the simple style of Home Cuts’ signature pastry is just right for a relaxed evening at home. Perfect for a homebody like me. What’s your favorite sweet treat? Tell me in the comments below! If you liked this post, PIN it!