You Are Not Your Ego: Personal Growth & Integration – Special Guest Matthew Pallamary | Voices in the Dark
For all the tales coursing through the veins of the internet about life-changing experiences brought on by a cup of Ayahuasca or a drop of LSD, something absolutely crucial is getting lost. The hardest part, in fact: Integration. Coming back from the jungle or back from some astral realm doesn't add up to much if you have to turn over everything you learnt at the border of everyday reality. The real challenge is integrating those deep insights into ourselves and into our daily lives after the trip. Suddenly rediscovering the things which hurt us or shaped the way we think and act is one thing – understanding what to do about them in a healthy, productive way, is something else entirely. Realising that your problems stem from some childhood trauma is only the first step of a much longer, harder journey, as Jon's found out first hand. What do you (and can you) do with that knowledge once you have it? Our special guest this week is Matthew Pallamary, an author and shamanic explorer who's