We Are A Product Of Our Environment… But We Can Choose That Environment. | Voices in the Dark
Now I know you are already aware that we were products of our environment, so you are ahead of the game, but stick with me and let's see if I can unpack that statement, taking the words and turning it into understanding. To do that, I am going to use one analogy, and that is of the computer. I have often seen the brain referenced as our computer and I don't think it is an unfair analogy to keep with you through life. Because if you understand this analogy, one becomes capable of upgrading oneself. Human Coding A computer is a collection of parts which function when energy is passed through them, but the crucial point is this: they only function based on the code that runs them. I'm sure you have made the leap already and if you think you know what is coming then maybe your code is working well. As with a computer, our brains also need 'code'. We have parts that have functionality built into us at a DNA level. This could be like the functionality that is built into a graphics card in