Think & Grow Rich #8: The 30 Major Causes Of Failure | Voices in the Dark
When it comes to self-help, everyone loves a good old fashioned list, and Napoleon Hill, as the man who practically invented the genre, has got plenty of them. But this list is particularly important. Here he delves into the most common causes of failure in life – the things which cheat us of our true potential. You'll recognise many items on this list, whether you brought them upon yourself, became the unwitting victim of them, or have watched others around you fall foul of their malignant influence. But recognising them and taking action are two different things; realising your success shoelaces are undone isn't the same as fastening them before you start sprinting towards your goals! Still, this extensive series on Think and Grow Rich is designed to take a sceptical and reflective look at Napoleon Hill's advice, and we've got quite a lot of bones to pick with him here. How exactly are we supposed to overcome an 'unfavourable hereditary background', for example, and what the hell is