Think & Grow Rich #6 – The Charisma Code | Voices in the Dark
This week we explore Napoleon Hill's theories about using the power of the imagination in order to Think and Grow Rich. Without an active, well-oiled imagination, we don't dream big, we don't make plans, and therefore we never take action. But, this being Napoleon Hill, he takes things to the next level very quickly. In short, Napoleon thinks we're capable of creating anything we can imagine. How can that be possible? Jon's sceptical, but Andrea thinks that if we take the longer view, as a species we're capable of immense things. The problem, though, is that if we read self-help books and think that we as individuals can visualise anything and see it come to pass in our lifetimes, we're at serious risk of losing perspective. Napoleon believes there's two kinds of imagination – synthetic and creative. Synthetic imagination is just about shuffling around existing ideas and knowledge, while creative imagination, he thinks, magically emerges from vibrations between people's subconsciouses.