Think & Grow Rich #4 – The Confidence Code (You Gotta Have Faith?) | Voices in the Dark
Napoleon Hill, author of the mega-seller Think and Grow Rich, believes that the single biggest thing holding you back in life is a lack of self-confidence. Thankfully, he's provided us with the tools to overcome the problem... Or has he? In this episode, we try to understand what Hill means by having 'faith' – is this an irrational belief in your own abilities, or is it more of a willingness to change the negative stories we tell ourselves? Jon wonders if he personally has 'Negative Faith' – a destructive inner dialogue which constantly undermines his self-confidence. If Napoleon Hill is trying to boost our confidence levels to +10, is that really possible without finding a way to get to an even-keeled zero first? Auto-suggestion is a powerful tool, but it can also seriously backfire. Belief, like power, is neutral – which makes using it unconsciously potentially very dangerous. It's just as easy to programme yourself into negative thought-patterns, but – even worse – at the