Think & Grow Rich #3 – How To Programme Yourself With Auto-Suggestion (And Should You?) | Voices in the Dark
Napoleon Hill, legendary author of Think and Grow Rich, thinks that all thought has a tendency to manifest itself in reality. In his view, if you come to believe something strongly enough, you're going to see results in the real world. If that's true, then you can achieve anything you want to through sheer willpower and self-programming. This is auto-suggestion – telling yourself that something is true (about yourself or the world) until you've internalised it and made it the unconscious launching pad from which you then act. But is it true? Andrea agrees that the human brain is incredibly powerful, but more because it can simulate practically any reality. And that doesn't mean we should buy into our self-made reality so deeply that we mistake it for being objectively true. You can believe as strongly as you want that you can fly, but just try jumping off a building and see how that works out for you. Which brings us to the central tension at the heart of this episode: does it benefit