Think And Grow Rich #2 – Do Affirmations Really Work? | Voices in the Dark
In Part 2 of Think and Grow Rich, we find Napoleon Hill riding the knife-edge between profound insight and total lunacy. He tells us that, in order to achieve anything, we need a burning Desire, clearly worked out, and then repeated to ourselves every morning when we get up, and every evening before we go to bed. Now, while it's certainly important to get clear in your mind what you want to achieve, we're not so sure about Napoleon's reasoning. Like so many self-help books, this one relies heavily on stories riven with confirmation bias, unfalsifiable claims, and a serious confusion between correlation and causation. We set out to find the grains of truth and inspiration – the things which can really help you – without getting too caught up in fanciful and downright misleading examples. A central idea in this episode is the importance of 'burning the boats' – of leaving yourself no option of retreat, and thereby (apparently) guaranteeing you will succeed. But what kind of person needs