The Modern Stoic #32: Drowning In Gurus | Voices in the Dark
The devil is in the detail... and that's the problem. This week is about not becoming obsessed with detail at the expense of actually doing or creating something yourself. It's about not trying to control things by over-planning and over-preparing, lest you want to spend your whole life getting 'ready' to live. Drawing on the horrifically-named Letter 45, 'On Sophistical Argumentation', we lay down a challenge for you to find the courage to put yourself out into the world and try some of those plans we know you've been hatching all these years. Lucilius doesn't think he's ready, though. He's complaining that he doesn't have enough books to be the man he wants to be, so he comes to his mentor Seneca for help. But old man Seneca doesn't respond well: stop reading indiscriminately and stop trying to find the answers to your questions solely in the works of other people, he berates his charge. There is no perfect book or perfect solution that will fix all your problems and salve all your