The Modern Stoic #30: Killing Gossip With Authenticity | Voices in the Dark
Is there anything more immediately disturbing than hearing that someone's been talking about you behind your back? What did they say? Why did they say it? But wait... why do we care so much any of this? This episode is all about gossip and reputation; if you should care what other people say about you; and whether keeping some things secret from the world is ever a good idea. Letter 44, for once, has a decent title: 'On the Relativity of Fame'. Because everything to do with your personality is in the eye of the beholder (and that includes yours, too). Seneca knows what Lucilius has been up to thanks to the Roman grapevine, but he warns his mentee not to dwell. It can be exciting to learn that anyone gives enough of a damn to talk about you, but it only makes a difference in life if it's happening in your back-yard. Gossip in Rome doesn't mean much if you live hundreds of miles away, but Seneca warns that toxic gossip from the people in your immediate circle can spell disaster. All the