How Do Open Relationships Work? – Sex & Relationships Series | Voices in the Dark
Open relationships. We've all heard about them. But how do they work? Would one be right for you? And how can you even broach the subject with your partner? And then, if you get into one, do you need to set rules? Can they change? Do you need to ask for permission beforehand, or take video footage to share with your partner afterwards? It gets very complicated very quickly, and in this special episode, we set out to answer all these questions and more. The goal isn't to unconditionally praise open relationships, but to explore what they are, how they work, and what the many benefits and pitfalls can be. First off, we dig into the biological and anthropological history of monogamy. Andrea breaks down some of the dodgy science being cited by open relationship evangelists, while Jon takes the side of Chris Ryan (author of Sex at Dawn) and his argument against the idea that monogamy is simply 'natural'. Why is this all so emotionally charged for us in the first place, though? In large part