On arrival visa for Sri Lankan passport holders 2019 | Visa Info Desk
On arrival visa for Sri Lankan passport holders is a facility provided by the Sri Lankan government for its citizens so that they can enter some countries without a visa. Every year, there are thousands of migrants from Sri Lanka to countries such as China and Maldives. It would be quite difficult for them to apply for a visa just to visit the place for a week or two. This is why many countries allow Sri Lankan citizens to enter without any visa. However, the citizens have to request for a visa upon arrival. For other info regarding Sri Lanka visa Click here. Many countries do not need Sri Lankans to produce a visa at all. They can stay there for a particular period without a visa. However, when that period is over, they will require a visa. Citizens can use the Sri Lankan passport to travel to various countries such as Bolivia, Kenya, Maldives, Nepal, China, and other nations without getting a visa. Sri Lankan citizens can apply for the visa on arrival via an online application. They