Meet Yourself Where You Are - Love, Violet
I’ve received some very cruel feedback about my body in the last two weeks, all anonymous, all online. At first I was mystified that such cold words didn’t affect me more; there certainly was a time when I would have been utterly devastated. What these comments afforded me was the opportunity to look at my body objectively, and what I found currently was a body which, like all other bodies, regardless of size, is constantly in flux. Our bodies are not static. They are ever changing, and forever giving us new and important information. My body does an awful lot for me. Sure, it doesn’t rock climb or run very fast, it’s soft where it’s told it should be firm, but it’s mine, and I can’t do much to help it change if I can’t accept it where it is. Meet yourself, and your body where you are. If you want to make changes, do. Or not. But I can tell you this: it’s easier if you love your body before you ask it to change.