Sessions and Appointments | Victoria Visser Hypnotherapy
Initial Consultation Treatments begin with an Initial Consultation (please note no Hypnosis takes place in this first session) where I get an understanding of what you want to change and I give you a detailed explanation of how I can help you. At the end of this you also get access to a free relaxation download which helps the process. The initial consultation also gives you an opportunity to meet me and decide if hypnosis is for you, you are under no obligation proceed after the initial consultation. Sessions Sessions last approximately 40–60 mins. We are all individual and only you will be able to judge how well you are progressing and how many sessions you will need. There is no specific set amount of sessions needed, however, for conditions such as anxiety, generally a minimum of 4 to 8 sessions will be required. Sessions begin on a weekly basis and this can change to fortnightly, monthly, etc as you make progress and as you feel appropriate. It is recommended to have a couple