About me | Victoria Visser Hypnotherapy
Hello, my name is Victoria Visser and my journey into hypnotherapy started as a child when I found myself, at the grown-up age of nine, discovering a book on hypnosis in my parent's study. I proudly announced to my mother that I would become a hypnotist and would be able to hypnotise everyone with my magic pocket watch! I never really thought about hypnosis again for many years, as life happened, and I forgot the goals I'd set as a youngster. As I went through various career choices I came across hypnosis several times - but I didn't take action. However, the seed had been planted, and my beloved subconscious mind got to work in the background. One night I found myself staring blankly at the ceiling at 3 am going over and over in my head how unfilled I felt in my career. I knew something had to change - and shortly afterwards I came across an advert for hypnotherapy training. The course was backed by neuroscience and explained how our brains work, and how we all have a huge resource of