Appropriating Your Cake and Eating It Too | /var/blog
I was very disappointed this evening to find that, with their new API rules, Twitter is trying to eat their cake and still have it too. To put it simply, ask yourself this: would Twitter be what it is today if these policies had existed from the start? Meetup had its own sink-or-swim moment when it began charging for Meetup groups. Changes like these affect the way the product is received by a network; they don't change they way the product can be used, but they change the way the product is used. This happens because network-driven products are eventually appropriated by the network. If you run a network-driven product, you want this. It means your users are teaching you how to use your product, not the other way around. You may even change your company's vision in response. This is a Good Thing. The flip side of appropriation is that you no longer own your product. You may think you do. Your server costs may disagree. But you're mistaken if you think that public