Grand Master Ki Soo Jung - 8th Degree Black Belt
Grand Master Ki Soo Jung Read below to learn more about Grand Master Jung's martial arts career and accomplishments. 1971: Started Taekwondo in 7th grade at Man-Kyong Middle School 1972: 9th Chulra-Bukdo Championship - 1st Prize 1973: Graduated Man-Kyong Middle School 1974: 1st prize in Chulra-Bukdo, 11th Individual Championship Tournament 1974: 3rd Prize in 1st Korea Middle and High School Champion Tournament 1974: Won Official Commendation in Educational Association of Chulra-Bukdo 1974: 1st Prize in Preliminary Race of 2nd Korea Athletic Meet Championship 1975: 1st Prize in Chulra-Bukdo New Talent Championship Tournament 1975: 2nd Prize in the 12th Individual Championship Tournament 1976: Awarded an Official Commendation from Man-Kyong High School 1976: Graduated Man-Kyong High school 1978: Entered Korea Judo University 1978: 2nd Prize in Korea Taekwondo Championship Tournament 1979: Entered the Army, 5th division (ROK Marines) 1980: 1st Prize in President Loyal Grant Championship Tournament 1980: 1st Prize in Korea Athletics Meet for Kyungki-Do representative selection 1981: 3rd Place in Army International Qualifying Championship 1982: Returned to Korea Judo University 1982: Awarded the fourth class instructor 1983: Certificate of the national instructor 1985: Graduated from Young In University 1986: Trainer in the USA Training Center 1988: Established the US Taekwondo Center 1989: USA Master Demo Team 1991: Certificate of USA referee 1993: Won Official Commendation from World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) 1994: Coach in Pan-America Taekwondo Championship 1995: Coach in the Olympic festival 1995: Awarded Testimonial of Guidance Membership 1996: Awarded the Certificate of International Referee 1999 - 2001: Coach in the World Taekwondo Championships. 2006 - present: Colorado President of US Taekwondo Leaders Union 2008: Silver Medalist 2008 World Hanmadang 2008: Advisor to the World Taekwondo Federation 2008: Appointed to the President's Task Force for the U.S. Taekwondo Committee, previously known as the U.S. Taekwondo Federation October 2010: Honorably presented the rank of Eighth Dan 2012: Appointed U.S. Calegate Team Leader. MASTER SEAN JUNG, GRANDMASTER KI SOO JUNG, INSTRUCTOR JULIET JUNG