Artists Invited | US Sand Sculpting
It's been called the "most creative atmosphere in the world". It has an upscale audience that loves beauty and has the wherewithal to buy it. So you might sell more here than at just about any other event in Southern California. An estimated 150-200,000 people come to San Diego's North Embarcadero over the Labor Day holiday weekend. They enjoy Seaport Village and the Old Police Headquarters, the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier museum, the Maritime Museum, many special events like Wonderspace and of course, our beautiful bay. Some 30-40,000 pay a modest admission price ($10-$15) to enter our exquisite art show and sale. They see the world's best sand sculptors from Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Russia and Canada challenge the best from the U.S., carving magnificent sculptures that can be seen nowhere else. They peruse and purchase works in other media (can't take sand sculptures home — they weigh over 10 tons and would ruin the carpet) . . . media like