Jasmine in the park | Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography
Jasmine in the park I recently had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful Jasmine in the park. It was great seeing that our last official shoot was back in 09 and we had a few events we attended and I snapped a few shots of her. But this time it was a full blown session and we decided to take advantage of the awesome weather and headed to the park. For this on location session I decided to bring out my trusty Nikon D300 along with a couple of SB-910 speedlights and a shoot through umbrella. I was able to get my buddies Leo and Saquan to help with some grip work. While we were setting up Jasmine was checking her makeup in her phone since we didn't have any mirrors on location. Which reminds me perhaps I need to have a travel mirror or some sort available for on location shoots. Having a good team is essential and I've been blessed with a great group of fellow photographers who have no problem coming out to help with on location shoots, especially when a sandbag won't due when the