I Remember The Last Day I Was Cute
There was a time in my life when I was kind of cute. Now, at age 61, I have lost the last vestiges of my cuteness. I was never a great beauty, but parts of me were outstanding. I had shapely legs that had gaps at all the right places…I still do, but with added scattered spider veins and cellulite. I had a shining smile with white straight teeth…I still have a great smile, but not with all the original teeth. I had perky breasts and non-flabby arms. At times, I even had good hair, if you don’t count the curly Afro perm I got in my mid-20s that took eighteen months to grow out. Even as these kinds of beauty faded and became less sparkly and noticeable, I still had an ace in the hole. I could always count on my ankles. They did a great job of holding me up…filling the space between my shins and feet. They were slender…and well, kinda cute. I could always count on my ankles to look good and complement a nice pair of shoes…MaryJanes, flats, heels…whatever. I noticed the waning cuteness last summer when I tried on a pair of sandals. The leather straps felt weird on my upper foot and ankle. With closer examination (and deep disappointment), I discovered my ankles have loose skin that kind of sags around them and they don’t look so cute any more. Not only do they feel weird, they look weird too. When the hell did that happen? I have never seen saggy ankle skin addressed in any fashion and body magazine. Never. There seems to be no way to fix this. My feet seem flatter; my arches have sagged. I have accepted it all…age spots, silver hair, under-arm wings, cellulite on my once-shapely legs…but this is too much. As each of the other features crapped out, I could still comfort myself by looking at my cute ankles. Dammit. This is just too much to accept. I want some of my cuteness back. Now that my last bit of cuteness is gone, I have to come up with another version of myself. I will call this era of me “Aging in to a Classic Goddess”. Goddesses are usually barefoot, you know, and don’t worry about wrinkly ankle skin. Now I will think of myself as a classic beauty with funky feet. If you think of me…please just remember that I once had cute ankles. Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles at You may also enjoy… I Miss My Youth – and Why That’s OK Supermodels Speak About Being Women Over 50 Wow! She Looks Great – for Her Age (Visited 797 times, 1 visits today)Share this article:0 Peggy Browning Peggy Browning is a freelance writer and author. Peggy is the author of The View Through My Rose-Colored Bifocals, Square Peg’s Words of Wisdom, and Heart & Soul Food: Tales of Food, Friends, and Family. Peggy’s first novel is The Big 5-0. The Big 5-0 is the first book in the Adventures of Matilda Mason series, which follows the age 50+ heroine as she makes her way to being an investigative journalist…solving crimes as she goes and grows. The second book of the series, Waltzing Matilda, will be released August 1, 2015. All Peggy’s books are available at Follow Peggy on her blog, Peg’s Wonderful World, at See author's posts