Blade & Sorcery: How One Man Redefined VR Melee Combat Physics - UploadVR
Even though it’s still just in Early Access, Blade & Sorcery is an emerging sandbox VR combat game that’s been gaining a lot of attention as of late. The gladiatorial combat simulator is the brainchild of solo developer KospY, under his studio WarpFrog, and has been available to public audiences since December 2018. It was built from the ground up for VR; with several maps, enemy types and weapons and it has a ton of replay value. The game’s focus on realistic physics make for an immersive and satisfying experience — if you can stomach the violence. Last month, I contacted WarpFrog’s Community Manager and public spokesperson – ‘The Baron’ – seeking an interview to discuss the game’s success and gain some insights into its development. He actually took me one step further, and arranged for me to speak directly with the elusive developer himself. KospY and I sat down and talked for a while over Discord one evening, and I was able to pick his brain over the game’s origins and his vision for the future. For more details, you can read up on KospY and The Baron in this Oculus blog post as well. UploadVR: Let’s start by talking about your background. How did you get started with programming and development? KospY: As far as background goes, I come from the modding scene. The funny thing is I don’t have any experience in game development, and I’ve never worked in the industry before. However, I’m self taught and I’m passionate about gaming and VR. I’ve been making mods since my childhood, and my most recent modding experience with Kerbal Space Program gave me a good knowledge of Unity and programming. 3 years ago, after I first received my first VR set, I started a project on Unity, and worked on it as a hobby from time to time. I spent nearly 2 years designing the game in many iterations, and it changed direction several times. Last year, I finally had the chance to work full-time on that project and Blade & Sorcery was born. UploadVR: What made you want to develop for VR rather than more traditional platforms? KospY: Mainly because I’m just very passionate about VR! I’ve been following the scene since I first got the Oculus Dev Kit 2. Also, the community is great, it’s a smaller market and I like to innovate. VR felt like it was suited perfectly for a solo developer like myself. UploadVR: And you mentioned that in its early stages, the game itself changed direction a lot. Care to talk a bit more about that? KospY: Well, my original idea was to create a sorcery based combat game, something pretty simple. The game was called “Sorcering” once upon a time and the main idea was to fight waves of undead enemies. It used teleport-style locomotion, and combat was restricted just to spells back then. After some time, once I’d gotten my ‘VR legs’, I moved to free locomotion and started to take the game towards PvP Multiplayer. It was around then [...]