Complete List of Awesome Websites to Practice Automation Testing
We need a place to practice our test automation skills, wouldn’t you agree? Where do you go when you need to learn how to deal with AJAX, Angular, Kendo and other dynamic elements? Hence, I compiled a list of my favorite websites to practice test automation: SauceDemo.com (web UI)ultimateqa.com/automation (web)React shopping cart: https://github.com/nadvolod/react-shopping-cart (React JS)ParaBank Bank Site (web, API)Telerik Multi Language Demo Site (web)Dave Haeffner’s Practice Site (web)PHP Travels: https://www.phptravels.net/ (web)Mercury Tours (web)E-commerce Clothing Site (web)Demoqa (web)Compendiumdev.co.uk (web)Address Book (web)Restful-Booker (API)Webdriveruniversity.com (web UI)ACME Demo Banking (web UI) This list contains websites that provide some unique attributes that other websites don't