The Myth of Ophephone and Atlantis by Amanda N. Butler - Twist in Time Literary Magazine
O, sweet Ophephone,how I go againstthe wishes of your mother,fruitful Demeter,in remembering your name,in recording your name,the name removed from scrolls –in this, I salvage your legacy. O, loving Ophephone,who fell in lovewith a mortal fisherman,a man doomed to fallin the nets of Poseidon. O, weeping Ophephone,too anchored with griefto answer our prayersfrom your crumbled temple,too saddened to tend summersafter the springs of your sister. O, sunken Ophephone,tricked to the center of Atlantisby Zeus and his heavenly court,trapped in rising waters,your eternal cage. O, recollected Ophephone,through these wordswill your immortalitybe partnered with memory – may you find solacein this knowledge – you have loved,you have been loved,and you are loved, still. May this chorus of onesail over your waters. ____________________________________________________________ Amanda N. Butler is the author of chapbooks “Tableau Vivant” (Dancing Girl Press, 2015) and “effercrescent” (Dancing Girl Press, 2017) as well as “How a Fairy Gets Her Wings” (Origami Poetry Press, 2018). Her poems have been published in Haikuniverse, Hedgerow, Leaves of Ink, and others. She is the Poet Laureate of Oldsmar, FL and can be found on Twitter @arsamandica.