Table of Contents: Issue 3 - Twist in Time Literary Magazine
Letter from the Editor coffeehouse window seat.Taryn Dixon Monster at the Cliff EdgeAlicia Fitton Parallax Mark Gilbert Tale EverlastingFanni Sütő The Editor Has Come UnMoored In TimeNeil Willcox*Accompanied by My Desk by Marilyn Whitehorse* A Moment Lasts Forever Christina Tang-Bernas I Break the Witch’s HourglassDecember Lace Time of SandAmélie Olaiz (translated by Toshiya Kamei) The Time TravellerLucy Whitehead VisupadaSrivalli Rekha MythologyChristina Strigas If you could see my memoriesJuliette Sebock Tick Tock TimeKarren Larsen Land Army CamouflageJuliette van der Molen A Land Girl LiaisonJuliette van der Molen Tomorrow, A Physicist Sat On Your SofaJonathan Payne The Lady in the MirrorScott Elder Where jam jars lieAdele Winston A Futurian RomanceMatthew Spence On London Bridge on Hallowe’enJ.E.A. Wallace WasteLucy Whitehead ShatterbackGary Power 21: Eris Bears A Daughter, Names Her UncertaintyMadeleine Corley Mr. Edward’s DogMichael Neal Morris morning routine.Taryn Dixon Memento MoriMolly Brainard BlueAgampreet Kalra Dark Coat and Smoke RingsRachele Salvini Her Left EyeR. Gerry Fabian The AccountantChristie B. Cochrell EnigmaGrove Koger Point BlankThe Second InstallmentPaige Bagby Creative StudyFabrice Poussin