People Are Filled With Patterns by Niall Power - Twist in Time Literary Magazine
If you love something let it go If it comes back to youdon’t be surprised when it leaves you again People are filled with patternsA practical application inmaintaining a level of melancholy you can grow old with Take your loneliness on a walk around your kitchen For contextthis is the same kitchen you almost took your life inDreaming is safer Two points connect me to youeven if your touch is an electrical fire of doubt ____________________________________________________________ Niall Power is a fiction writer and poet from New York City. Niall’s first book of poems and stories, Fall Risk, was published in early 2018 by Michelkin Publishing. From Niall’s new poetry manuscript, I Might Be A Plant, six poems have recently been featured in literary magazines and journals. One in Broken Tooth Press, two in Heliopause Magazine, and three in Paradise In Limbo.