Gisele Bundchen by Valium Hippy - Twist in Time Literary Magazine
mechanic robot walking down the streetssad eyes, broken heartedeveryone sees the beauty in it but methey think to themselves“what a glamorous way to go navigate life!” i knowi’m a mannequin of sufferingand with cigarettes on my nicotine-stained fingersand bruises on my thighsit looks so romantic, as if i’m living in a movie i’m the ultimate model of despairbut i’m still a model, right?so photograph me while dying insidehave me pose to be your musei’m a beautiful example of misery i’m going to be famous for deep sorrowwhich hides behind compeling charismaand societal norms that tell me i’m exactly like a supermodelscars made of silk, tears made of satintragedy covered in wool, addiction covered in fur superstar of self destructionyes,desolation, melancholy, low spiritbut they make it fashion! ____________________________________________________________ Valium Hippy (birth name Rogério Berardo Filho) is a writer and poet born and living in Recife, in northeastern Brazil. He is currently 20 years old and writes to cope with mental health complications.