Body clock by Pepita Beck - Twist in Time Literary Magazine
Body clock fuck up, Going dark, waking up,Reverse body coerce Dreamstate boy With neon toyBody clock inverseDiatrunal curseMelatolin bears no grinMy cushion, thrown into the bin Body clock sped up Now I’m awake, I really woke up And watch the hands of time spinCounter-directlySplit seconds into a few too many Outside it’s twilight It’s neither day, nor night Body clock stopstop stop stopcoming down from the topabove and belowbeyond is for showforget forgot forgottentime travels forward but my body clock is rottenthe paths we have trottena cusp on the end of time maybeit’s not like we be carefullyin what we did and what we doand what will bebut my body clockgoes tic, then tocthe rhythm’s changinganother sunrise, another surprisean airplane headed towards an enteral horizonlanding on another continentmaybe, friend, our story never ends,body clock, moving forward,wake up. ____________________________________________________________ Pepita Beck is an artist from Berlin focusing on the written and visual arts. She had lived in London for ten years before moving back home, soaking up the creative scene and relishing in the traces great artists had left all the city. Currently, she is writing on a screenplay and editing her latest novel. A web series she has created is in post–production.