Campuestohan Highland Resort
Give yourself a treat by going to this place called "Wonderland" at Campuestohan Highland Resort (Negros Occidental).It is a wonderland that can fill the hearts and minds of children and adult alike. A panoramic scenery and breathtaking beauty that Campuestohan offers. Campuestohan Highland Resort is the brainchild of the visionary couple Ricardo “Cano” Tan and Nita Tan. Situated right in the boundaries of two of the most progressive cities in the province – Bacolod City and Talisay City. Campuestohan is a resort that radiates the splendor of the lush green forests of Mt. Makawili. The weather in the resort is downright cool.===================================DAY TRIP ☀👣Entrance Fee- P150 .👣Opens from 7am to 6pm.👣Free access to wave pool, hanging bridge, playground, and open spaces.