Seco Island
The island is surrounded by the white sand. There are also few trees that are grown in Seco Island. There are also cottages there. Nicest place to kitesurf in the Philippines.Seco is derived from the Spanish word "seco" which means dry. The whole island also looks like a "siko", a Kinaray-a term for elbow. It has the finest sand.Located around 50 kilometers west of Panay, Seco Island is more popular for kite surfing than for swimming. I was told it’s perfect for that sport; the flat waters and strong winds have attracted kite surfers for years. An island known for its beautiful sunrise and white playful dolphins following every vessel that pass by.It takes a three-hour boat ride, sometimes through rough seas, before one can get a glimpse of this raw yet captivating island. The 1.5-kilometer powder-fine sand bar is said to be comparable to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.