Nogas Island
Nogas Island is an uninhabited marine sanctuary located at Anini-y, Antique Philippines. Since it is a protected area, visiting Nogas Island is regulated. The most prominent feature of the island is its frangipani (kalachuchi) lined walkway that leads to an old lighthouse. The island is also a good spot for bird lovers and botany aficionado as it holds various vines, wild trees and shrubs.Moreover, being a marine reserve, colourful corals and diverse underwater organisms can be found (so make sure to bring your snorkelling equipment).One of which is the Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis), believed to be over 100 years. Legend has it that it was formed when the couple Nogas and Anini broke their promise to the fairy God mother.While traversing the rough sea, their outrigger boat was capsized by enraged waves - said to be beckoned by the furious fairy. Afterwards, a white sand island fringed by mangroves and lapped by cerulean water emerged from the same exact spot where they were last seen.A white shore made of coarse sand, crushed pebbles, bleached corals, and the remains of seashells forms a border between the sea and the foreboding green woods. The low tide exposed the rocks and tidal flats that surround the island. Balate Trees grow at the center of the island There are a lot of open-air cottages that are constructed.The centerpiece of Nogas Island is not the beach. It is this white tunnel of gnarled calachuchi (plumeria) trees that line up towards the center of the island. A perfect getaway sans locals and few tourists bumming around