Beware of BPA: Thermal receipts are damaging your health |
BPA is synthetic estrogen In 1997 and 1998, Fred vom Saal (right) and his research team published two studies, which investigated the effects of low-dose (below 50 micrograms/kilogram) BPA on mice and found changes in male reproductive organs, as well as, increased prostate weights. A large controversy stirred due to vom Saal's findings; the Society of the Plastics Industry Bisphenol A Task Group and European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) responded. Two studies were performed to replicate his findings and neither found negative effects of low-dose BPA use. However, both studies were sponsored by the CEFIC, and BPA producers actually performed one of the studies. "Quote by el schism" So,basically the studies that were done by Fred Vom Saal and his team did prove that BPA can,at low doses,cause changes with the male reproductive organs of mice along with increased prostate weights.Nevertheless,when that