The Hidden Costs of Smoking | |
It's easy to loose track of the actual costs associated with smoking. When you look behind the scenes, you will realize why the utilization of Smoker Cessation Programs are important and how Employees and Employers can benefit from this type of Wellness Program . Healthcare $3,400 in excess expenses each year in the form of premium pricing, deductibles or copays/insurance due to conditions associated with one person's use. Smoke Breaks (Average) 1.25/hrs per day 6.25/hrs per week 291/hrs per year Family Health Parents who smoke have a higher rate of children with Respiratory and ENT issues. They are also more likely to become smokers themselves. Lifetime Costs On average, a smoker will spend $150,000 on cigarettes throughout their life. As an Individual, how can you access help to quit smoking? First and foremost, you should always check with your health insurance company. Many offer programs and incentives to quit smoking. Your