The Future of Employee Benefit Offerings: Student Debt Repayment Assistance | | Total Benefit Solutions Inc
When looking for a job, the benefits offered to an Employee are definitely a big factor in consideration of accepting an offer of employment. Most people are willing to choose a company with a slight pay decrease if the benefit package compensates for the lost wages. With unemployment the lowest it has been since 2000 in the United States, attracting new talent isn't as easy as it used to be and Employers are looking for ways to snatch up qualified applicants. When you think of benefit packages, you usually think of the basics: Health Insurance (with possibly an HSA, HRA, or FSA included), Dental and Vision coverage. "Good" benefit packages usually go beyond by offering Supplemental Policies to fill in the gaps of your coverage as well as retirement accounts such as a 401K where the Employer can match what is put in, up to a certain amount. While investing in your retirement is essential, 66% of employees offered a matching 401K do not utilize it leaving about $24,000,000,000