Massachusetts Publishes Family & Medical Leave Rules | | Total Benefit Solutions Inc
The Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave ("DFML") has recently published regulations forpublic comment and a guide for employers. A synopsis of significant, new, and clarifying information follows...In 2018, Massachusetts enacted legislation to create a statewide Paid Family and Medical Leave ("PFML") program providing benefits beginning in January 1, 2021 and July 1, 2021. With limited exception, all employers with employees in Massachusetts will be required to providepaid family and medical leave benefits to their employees through: • The state program; or• An approved private plan. If providing benefits through the state program, employers will begin to remit premium payments to the state beginning July 1, 2019.Employers may opt to provide an approved private plan to employees. These arrangements must be approved by the DFML. If the employer secures approval on or before July 1, 2019, the employer will not be required to contribute to the state program beginning July